13 Most Dangerous Places To Visit




Devil’s pool is a waterfall in southern Africa at the boarder of Zimbabwe. Enclosed by the rocks Devil’s pool is the most surreal places on Earth. The water from the waterfall basin is cut in the sink and run to the rocky perimeter where it is mixed with the river Zambezi. Many people like to visit this place because it has a beautiful view, most people approach it with a dose of adrenaline because the heights of these falls are quite dangerous for a simple traveler who wants to visit this beautiful part of the planet. Only the bravest jump in the pool and let them be carried by water to the cliff  and terrifying waterfall since they are protected by a natural stone wall. Most of the year this type of adventure to anyone led directly to his death.

However, when the water level drops, and it is from September to December, a natural wall to the surface just enough to form a protection from falling over the edge. It is striking that even children bathe in the “Devil’s pool.” The people Kololo, who used to live above the falls,were terrified by the floods so they never came close to the waterfalls. The neighboring tribe called ‘’Tonga’’ consider  these waterfalls for sanctuary, the appearance of a rainbow evidence of God’s presence. On the Eastern waterfall were held religious ceremonies during which they sacrificed black bulls.