12 Most Disgusting Human Habits

#7 Wound Licking

Wound licking

You know when you cut your finger and immediately put it into your mouth? That’s just not the prettiest thing to do, especially with people around you. However, if it comes as a consolation, it is actually helpful. Saliva acts as an analgesic to reduce the pain and it also has compounds for battling an infection. Oh, and you can always justify your action by calling it an instinct because it has to do a lot with the revolution. After all, check out all the monkey doing it.


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  1. Touching your face is abhorrent and disgustingly, it transfers bacteria to your face.
    Yet ramming your finger up your nose is healthy ???

  2. Not flushing the toilet after any activity
    Playing with your hair at the dinner table
    Clipping your toe nails in the kitchen or living-room
    Not picking up your dog shit outside in general living areas

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