12 Most Disgusting Human Habits

#1 Peeing in the Shower

Peeing in the shower

It’s actually an incredible thing. The toilet is like two steps away and you pick urinating in the shower. Even though you know that the urine will probably touch your feet. So, what’s next, buying diapers so you don’t have to go to the bathroom? In your defense, aside from the fact that the sound your shower is making and the view at the water running can be a reason why you felt the need to pee, urine is usually pretty clean. And it can kill the fungus.


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  1. Touching your face is abhorrent and disgustingly, it transfers bacteria to your face.
    Yet ramming your finger up your nose is healthy ???

  2. Not flushing the toilet after any activity
    Playing with your hair at the dinner table
    Clipping your toe nails in the kitchen or living-room
    Not picking up your dog shit outside in general living areas

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