12 Most Disgusting Human Habits

No human is perfect. We all have our bad habits and guilty pleasures and we all do some pretty disgusting stuff, especially when no one is looking. However, despite the fact that humans are hideous creations, there is a need to set at least certain limits to acceptable behavior. Here is the list of 14 most disgusting human habit that should be a big no-no for everybody.

#12 Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails

With the evolution, the purpose of nails degraded significantly. Humans used to need them as claws and today they just serve to give women a more elegant look. One of the most common bad habits we today have is biting our nails. It can be very bad for our health as the dirt is accumulated under our nails and lead to various infections. So, no matter how annoying that uneven nail is, stop nibbling!


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  1. Touching your face is abhorrent and disgustingly, it transfers bacteria to your face.
    Yet ramming your finger up your nose is healthy ???

  2. Not flushing the toilet after any activity
    Playing with your hair at the dinner table
    Clipping your toe nails in the kitchen or living-room
    Not picking up your dog shit outside in general living areas

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