12 Deadliest Snakes in the World

Venomous snakes are widely spread in the world. Have the misfortune to be bitten by one of these is risking your life. Some venom can the treated and the effect immunized, but others, even with treatment lead the victim to death. This species that product venom as from the Serpents category and it uses this resource to cause the paralyzes the victim and protect themselves.

There are many ways to classify a snake as dangerous. One of the factors is the toxicity, that is measured by the indicator LD. But is doesn’t means that as higher is the LD, more dangerous is the snake. Factor like behave, habitat and contact with a human can vary the classification of the danger of the snake.

Several species of snakes produce venom and have particular characteristics. Some are faster, others are bigger in length and other extremely aggressive. The dangerous snakes live in the region of India. These snakes have high contact with humans and can provoke more than 35.000 bites per year.

The best way of preventing the death from snakebite is treating. Most parts of deaths are for untreated injuries. Some snakebite can cause muscle paralysis and even the paralyzation of involuntary muscles, causing death by suffocation.



Very common in Australia, this snakebite can cause muscle paralysis and breathing problems. If bitter, the chances of death are up to 60%, if untreated. Although the color of the species can vary a lot according to the season, the name Tiger is related with one of the color combinations. It can achieve an approximate length of 3 feet.