12 Advanced Mental Skills to Master Any Tough Subjects

4. Teach by Using Analogy

Teach by Using Analogy | Powerful Learning Skills

Teach by Using Analogy

When you can explain a concept in simple words, you are actually splitting the concept apart and use simpler concepts to explain the difficult concept.

But when you are able to use an analogy to describe a concept, you are actually conceptualizing many simple concepts and use a symbol or image to represent the whole thing.

Therefore, teaching by simple words is going from top to bottom, while teaching by using analogy is going from bottom to top. By playing downs and ups of a concept can you fully grasp the essence.

For example, the structure of an atom can be analogous to the solar system; and the concept of “voltage” can be analogous to hydraulic pressure that we can perceive in daily life.

A proper and vivid analogy comes from deep understanding of every detail of the concept.