12 Advanced Mental Skills to Master Any Tough Subjects

6. Take More Rest

Take More Rest | Powerful Learning Skills

Take More Rest

Our brains have two modes for learning: Focused Mode and Diffuse Mode.

Focused Mode means you are very focused on your study and Diffuse Mode means you are learning unconsciously. Most of the hard-working students spend too much time on Focused Mode, but they do not know that in Diffuse Mode, we are also learning, sometimes more efficiently.

We all have experience that we sometimes come up with a brilliant solution to a problem while walking, listening to music, taking a shower or even doing nothing. This is the gift the God has given to us: Diffuse Mode thinking.

Other than walking, showering, listening to music, there are many other ways we can rest in Diffuse Mode, for example, chatting with friends, doing sports and even sleeping.

Taking some rest is one of the ways to achieve interleaving as explained in #8.