12 Advanced Mental Skills to Master Any Tough Subjects

9. Use Chunks

Use Chunks | Powerful Learning Skills

Use Chunks

Chunks are compact packages of information that your mind can easily access.

You must have seen the show of Master of Memory on TV a lot that they can easily memorize thousands of digits without making a mistake. How do they do that? Obviously, they do not memorize each individual digits one by one, instead, they build chunks for different groups of digits. For example, he may relate “192” to an elephant, and “13” to a dog. By chunking the information, his memory workload is a lot less and becomes more vivid. The images he relates to is very personal, and the more vivid they are, the easier it would be for him to recall. Some even advanced memory master have chunks for 5 digits, and you can imagine what kind of story he would make up in his mind when he sees thousands of digits on the whiteboard.

Another example would be “driving a car”. At the beginning, when to turn, when to pull the brakes and when to speed up are quite separate things for you and you are very nervous when you encounter tough situation on the road because your brain need to process many tiny chunks of skills you have learned. As you become an advanced driver, “driving a car” is a just one thing for you. As you sit inside the car, everything just looks so smooth and natural that you never think about it any more.

Therefore, by developing chunks for separate and discrete pieces of information, you are actively making connections by looking for relationships between them. Thus, afterwards, the retrieval would be a lot easier and faster.