12 Advanced Mental Skills to Master Any Tough Subjects

10. Test Yourself

Test Yourself | Powerful Learning Skills

Test Yourself

Test yourself anytime, anywhere.

We all have experiences in our student age that we thought we had understand all the materials, but still failed to answer the questions in the exams.

Why? Because input and output are two different things working under different mechanisms. Input is simply accepting new information, but output requires understanding the knowledge from different angles.

However, after we leave college, there are no exams to help test our skills, so how can we know we really master the skills. A simple trick would do: use Anki.

Anki is a very good piece of software and app to help you create flashcards and sync across different devices. By writing questions on the front and answers at the back, you can easily test yourself. Anki is also smart enough to arrange the review frequency based on how well you memorize the information.