12 Advanced Mental Skills to Master Any Tough Subjects

11. Memorize! Do Not Just Drop Notes

Memorize! Do Not Just Drop Notes | Powerful Learning Skills

Memorize! Do Not Just Drop Notes

When you drop notes, you drop everything.

Some marketers who promote Evernote, the best-known note taking software in the world, said that we should externalize information to computers and check it when needed, which can free the brain. It is true if you are simply collecting information.

What is the ultimate goal of learning? The single, solitary goal is to create something new based on what you have learned. But we all know the speed of RAM is much faster than the hard disks. Without information and knowledge in your RAM, your CPU, i.e. your brain, is lacking resources to make connections and generate new ideas. Still searching in your hard disk? Sorry, the moment and intuition has been gone.

Only be holding sufficient “dots” in your brain can you connect them and make your life full of surprises.