11 Things Woman Wants from an Ideal Man

Most people will say it’s hard to please a woman today but what true ladies will say to you is all you need to do to conquer their heart is to respect  her ,to behave mature , to practice honesty with them and to treat them like a lady. Men have always wondered what it is that would satisfy a woman.

However, even after so many years of writing and speaking about women’s needs, but also to experience the different experiences, failed to find an answer. It is true that the right solution is actually not, but there are things that every lady looks for in a man.In the next paragraphs, you will find out what is that “something” that man has to have if you want your chosen one to think of you as her ideal man.

#11 Let Her Get to Know You

let her know you

The first thing a woman wants to experience and receive from  a partner is a chance to get to know him. You need to give them a chance to know you better at first place, so they could have their first impression on you based on how you allowing her to get to know you before you actually start a relationship. That means a lot to a woman because she needs to feel that sense of no pressure at the beginning. So let her investigate you for a little bit , by her own and you will see a clear sign by her if you are okay to proceed with a relationship, and take it to a higher level. So patience means a lot in this case.



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5 thoughts on “11 Things Woman Wants from an Ideal Man”

  1. Man every male should be made to read these words of wisdom. I’m a 64yr old man and truley think men need a lot more education about the opposite sex

  2. Man these words are so true every male should be taught this at school and deliver .I’m a 64yr old male an sometimes ashamed of mens treatment of the opposite sex

  3. so why am I still single..?
    I agree and follow thru with most points- and maybe guys need to open up and talk a bit more (even some stuff over and over and.. and feign some interest..) but women need to learn to SHUT UP once in awhile! for the sake of my spleen! I dont wanna know how her girlfriend went to the mall and saw someone I dont know and their aunt went to Cabo and drank 8 daqueries and fell and broke her ass blah blah blah…
    thats one of MY top 1 of 11 for women.
    now we know why Im single I guess…


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