11 Most Innovative and Crazy Wedding Ideas

Have you ever thought about getting married upside down, naked or even in a dress like a zombie? Crazy? Some might think it is interesting. Who says that those ideas aren’t viable or even silly, or that is the “love effect”, don’t imagine what people has been doing on the “I do” time. To make the ceremony of wedding unforgettable, people are leaving tradition behind. No more churches, nothing of sophistication. Even the indispensable white bride dress is surviving to these changes.

The idea is mark their lives with something awesome. The couples prefer opting for unlikely events, to surprise the guests and make the date unique. All the possibilities are listed. Yes, all possibilities: places, themes, clothes, food. The main goal: stupefy. There isn’t any pattern to follow, only their creativity and dreams.

To make your wedding day unique too, the rule is clear: don’t follow rules. The important is to define what really matters for both. Get together the will of the bride and groom is indispensable for everyone’s happiness. Start the preparation in advance, so that all come up like you wish. To innovate in this important day, release your mind and think wide. Think also about the money that you can invest and how you want to invest. Here are some totally awesome ideas to inspire you to do yours too.

#11 Neon

wedding in neon

Surprise your guests replacing common light by neon lights. The vintage ambient can look like a disco with neon lights spread in every place of the room. Words and phrases can be hanged on the walls. Small lights can guide your way to the altar. You can add neon lights in yourself. You can use a color make neon or add neon lights in your dress and in the groom. Fair enough, the night is yours, you should shine!