11 Most Eaten Fast Foods in the World

The main feature of the current world is the urgency. More and more people work more and spend less time at home. With the advance of the lack of time, the food also had to follow the trend. The fast foods started about 1940, when restaurants had the idea of creating the drive-thru. The car passes through the window of the restaurant, make the order, and in minutes the meal is ready. To shorten the time to eat, practice kinds of foods were invented. To be classified as a fast food, the meal need to: fit in a small “to go” package, has to be easy to handle and also, has to satisfy hunger.

That is why most part of fast food are, actually “fat food”. The high calorific value of these fast food is the highest concern of the modern society. People are more and more eaten “fat foods” but is not healthy eating. In the last 40 years, the obesity rate increased over 27%. The result is 2,1 billion of people are obese. Lately, the concern with healthy is being discussed around the world and low-calories solutions are being spread through the world. Campaigns are created to encourage the use of healthful kinds or food, or even the substitution of fat ingredients for the low-calorie ones. But, still, the fast food is loved and highly consumed all over the world. Here we list the top 11 most eaten foods in the world.

#11 Hamburger


One of the most popular fast food in the world, the Hamburger meat has the beginning of history registered in Germany, probably in Hamburgo. Besides the country of origin, the Hamburger fame spread in the USA, where the meat was placed in the bread with other ingredients. Since 1904, the Hamburger has become a USA principal icon of cooking and culture. Today this fast food is loved all over the world. The combinations of ingredients can vary according to the country, culture or with the hungry.