11 Most Beautiful and Luxury Islands in the World


#5 Musha Island – Bahamas

Musha Island – Bahamas

This amazing Island is propriety of David Copperfield and is localized in the Bahamas. All the accommodation has their own private beach and twin bathrooms. This ultra-high luxury island is a destination for private weddings and other celebrations. A drive-in was installed, with comfortable beds around a huge screen. Over the top of the hill, is the “Highview” house, that provides an astonishing view of 10 inhabited islands next to Musha Island.

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  1. It is distressing that you are referring to islands in the Caribbean region as Caribe. There is no region by that name, please call our region by it’s correct name. Secondly, there is no jumbu bay, its jumby bay, and it’s located north east of Antigua. If you were from new York, would you like us to refer to that beautiful state as now yerk. STOP politicizing our home, get it right!!!!!

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