11 Most Beautiful and Luxury Islands in the World


#1 Cousine Island, Seychelles archipelago

Cousine Island, Seychelles archipelago

Cousine Island is a paradise on earth. Surrounded by amazing blue waters, the island is definitely one of the most beautiful and untouched granitic islands in the word. Located in the Indian Ocean and part of the Seychelles archipelago, the private villas are real mansions. The Pavillon Center offers the best of spa, gym and relaxing activities. In all independent Villas, the bedrooms a have definitive view to the sea, Jacuzzi, twin bathrooms and outside showers. But is in the Presidential Villa is where is placed the highest service of the island, where the guest can feel in a dream. A butler or lady’s chamber serves the guests all time while they can enjoy private gym, spa and rest in the master bedrooms.

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