11 Most Beautiful and Luxury Islands in the World

Imagine a paradise scenery: crystal water, blue sky, a permanent sea landscape without anyone around. Just silence, nature and a breeze of the sea touching your body. This dream of every human being is accomplished in many parts of the world. Breathtaking islands are spread along the face of earth, just waiting for the next guest to impress. Just for itself, a trip to a beautiful island an amazing experience. But there are some islands that had received some twinkles to increase the experience: Jacuzzis, butlers, bungalows, waterfalls, spa, exclusivity. Guest that decide travel in style gain these extraordinary privileges.

Luxury resorts provide reservations all-inclusive and plus. Beside the human action, several islands still maintain the pristine natural resources. Most of these islands created preservation programs to keep fauna and flora untouched. With advent of this trend, it became possible the practice of sports in these islands: diving, canoeing, snorkeling, etc.

The idea of luxury resorts started in 1950. The Australian Reginald Ansett created the first on Hayman Island, in Australia. The news was recognized worldwide and the island became the main destination for honeymoon and vacations. Since then, the biggest groups of hotel and leisure started to implant the idea in other wonderful places. Most of these islands, are favorite destinations of lovers and family. The most remarkable one-life-time experiences are lived in these islands.

Who would you take to a paradise island? Before you choose who you will take with, you must decide which island you want to go. To help you with that task, here are the 11 most beautiful and luxury islands in the world. Prepare yourself for a surprising trip to unimagined places.

#11 Hayman Island

Hayman Island

Since 1950, this amazing island is famous for the luxury resorts. Hayman Island is private and is located in Australia. The main attraction of the island is the exceptional Great Berrier Reef, one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. This amazing natural beauty can the observed from the sky, in flying tours and also by close, diving. The guest can snorkel or if preferred, can visit a boat with glass on the bottom.