11 Exercises That Can Make You Slim and Smart

Everybody knows already the benefits of sports and other physical activities. The main objective of doing exercise is to improve the quality of life. While you practice a sport that you like, you are relaxing and distressing from the crazy current life. Besides that, exercises are the healthy way to lose weight. No drugs, only natural workout.

But, how about mix together your fitting activity with main development? There are several exercises that beyond give you a better physical condition, can also activate the production of connections in your body and expand the cognitive capacity. These exercises are valuable resources to avoid serious age diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. The years pass by and with it, the brain mass goes naturally shrinking. To prevent that your brain stops creating new neurons and it is highly recommended that you practice exercises to delay this process.

Is important that you choose the one that you identify yourself more or the one that you are able to apply in your daily life. Keep your mind clear to start a new phase in your life. Health must be the first concern for everyone. Here we listed the top exercises that can let you get fit outside and also inside. These options range from meditation exercises to high intensity workout. Good reading and good training!

#11 Chopra Meditation


Chopra Meditation is an exercise to lose weight by using your mind. This meditation method teaches us to focus on one thing at a time. If you are eating, you have to pay attention to the food and its taste. Also concentrate on how you are feeling while you’re eating, not in how much you are eating. This method is a way to develop your mind and concentration. The results lead to a better control of your mind and body.