11 Cartoons You Never Missed in Your Child Life

#10 DIGIMON  (Digital Monsters)

DIGIMON (Digital Monsters)

From  the 1999 Tv Series, a story about Digimon was represented as a group of seven children who spend their holidays at a summer camp unaware that the fate of the world depends on them. Since they were using a secret portal passes from the real to the digital world, the battle between good and bad digital creatures – Digimon. Taichi,Koshiro, Sora, Yamato, Mimi, Joe and Tucker went on an unforgettable adventure in which they were joined  by Hikari, the Taichi sister. The children were  selected with the help of their Digimon to save the world from the evil and  defeat Devimon,VanDemon, Etemon, Lord of darkness who were their enemies.