11 Cartoons You Never Missed in Your Child Life

The first thing you will want to remember what you did as a child was watching cartoons. We all went through that time of period where the most important thing for us as kids was watching the cartoons and remembering all the characters in it. Why are the cartoons so special thing in a child’s life? Well because the imagination, every single kid could identify himself to some of the favorite characters in the cartoon. In each of those cartoons, there was a particular message that the directors of the cartoons wanted us to learn, to know. All those hidden messages were about friendship, love and compassion, and maybe life in general but represented at a child’s level. But some of the cartoons were just funny, to make kids laugh, and to have their attention and bring a smile to their faces. The following top 11 cartoons will remind you of your childhood, and carefree days where the most important thing at that period of life was not to miss it while it was on TV.



Johnny Bravo is American cartoon movie that was released on July 7 , 1997, on Cartoon Network , had 65 episodes in season 4 and was terminated on February 14, 2003. The blond rocker 60s, looking like James Dean and his voice like Elvis, has only one desire – to find the woman of his life.He considered himself as a magnet for females , who was deluded by his own manliness and it  was represented in the funny and interesting way for the younger population. The stories had no serious subject and weren’t very logical which turned out it attracted many of us to watch adventures of Johnny Bravo.